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How Discovering The "Wedge Strategy" Scaled My Business From 6 Figures to 8 Figures...

If You Want To Get Bigger Deals, Better Clients, Higher Margins & Have More Time To Be A Visionary...


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"I don't own a business... I own a glorified job."

That’s what I thought to myself 7 years ago...

I was running a 7-figure marketing agency in Manhattan - and on the surface, it looked like we were successful.

But when you looked deeper, you could see there were some deep issues…
      We struggled to gain ideal clients...
Because most of our clients were from referrals, we didn’t have a strategic way of closing new deals with our ideal prospects. We tried marketing, networking, cold calling, everything - nothing was predictable.
     We had to chase down proposals & deals...
We'd put together the "perfect" proposal, but end up following up with prospects for weeks or months. Sometimes they would close, sometimes they wouldn't. Revenue felt unpredictable.
     It was tough (painful) to scale...
No matter how much revenue we generated or deals we closed the more we grew the more the business needed me. As the owner, I felt trapped by my own business. I knew it could be more, I wanted it to be more, but I was the bottleneck for everything – the harder I worked, the harder I had to work to keep it up. And that impacted my personal life on top of slowing down growth.

But Luckily, I Discovered Something I call The "Wedge Strategy"...

It’s a process used by billion-dollar consulting firms to scale their sales and actually get paid (a lot) for their business development efforts. While most companies are busy chasing down deals and proposals – they are already getting paid.

And when I implemented it in my business, everything changed...
      We had a steady stream of ideal, qualified prospects.
Clients who wouldn't have considered us in the past now wanted to do business together. We now controlled our pipeline – sales became predictable.
      Our margins rose from 15% to 60%.
Because the strategy changed the way we positioned our business and our deals, our profits rose dramatically.
      Prospects stopped ghosting us.
Because of the new way we approached our prospects, companies viewed us as an authority which allowed us to close deals on our terms - not theirs.
      We scaled our business FAST.
This strategy allowed us to bring in new clients and close them quickly, with LESS service to deliver, so we didn't require nearly as much overhead to grow.
      I was able to be a Visionary.
With more, predictable revenue, higher profit margins, and confidence in my process, I was finally able to get out of the weeds. I was able to be the visionary business owner that I knew I was. My personal life became more balanced and I felt excited to run my business every day. Even my health improved!
If you want to learn how you can use the "Wedge Strategy" in your business, fill out the form, watch the video inside, and see what I put together for you.

Brian Cristiano is a self-made entrepreneur, business strategist to Fortune 500's and Celebrities, CEO and entrepreneur coach, keynote speaker, and the founder and CEO of BOLD Worldwide.

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Brian has helped transform many prominent brands including; PepsiCo, UFC Gym, Orangetheory Fitness, Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, DirecTV, Gillette, and the New York Mets.

Brian Cristiano

What Others Are Saying:


This is one of the best sales programs that I've ever been a part of.

I was able to close around $80,000 worth of contracts...because of the way Brian told me to sell. I was able to get my foot in the door with a major utility company that otherwise probably would not be able to get in the door with and also get paid to do an assessment for that same company.”



Founder & CEO of BrandX Worldwide

Brian Shepherd


We were a step away from closing down a business that has been around for 90 years. And I don't think I'm overstating it when I say that Brian gave us what we needed to save our company.

Has the program impacted us? It's changed everything. And I don't know whether it's had a bigger impact on me or on the company, but I would have to say both.

So impact is a light word. It was transformational.



President of Long Life Fleet


We closed 6 new deals in the program.

The biggest shift is putting more emphasis on what our prospects actually need instead of what they think they need. It has allowed us to take control of the sales process and actually create more trusts with our prospects and clients.

Before the program I lacked confidence in selling. I could do it, but I felt some imposter syndrome. Now I feel confident because I have action steps, I know the potential outcomes, and I know how to play off of those outcomes to grow my business.



Owner of Kmotion Design



The program was far better than I ever expected. The amount of contentwas unreal – from approaching sales, to how to approach clients, building processes, building wedge offers, et cetera.

It gave me a lot more clarity on how I could be very successful in the new launch of my business, because I was presented with a lot of the tool sets.

So I don't even know how you could put a price tag on the value it provided because it's going to be paying dividends for a long time.



CEO of Vista Tech Solutions


The way that I sell has completely changed because I adopted a new philosophy. The most significant win would be the the ability to close multiple stations at once instead of just one station with a particular airline – and we took that straight to the boardroom and executed on it within 48 hours.

You just need to jump and just start and and work with Brian, because quite frankly, there's not a lot of guys out there that truly know what they're doing.



Senior Consultant at USAID Aviation Services


How Discovering The "Wedge Strategy" Scaled My Business From 6 Figures to 8 Figures...

If You Want To Get Bigger Deals, Better Clients, Higher Margins & Have More Time To Be A Visionary... SIGN UP TO WATCH NOW:


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