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For business owners who want to scale their sales to 7 or 8-figures... WATCH THIS:


Watch The 20-Minute Video Above And Learn How You Can Leverage The "Wedge Strategy" To Get Yourself Out Of The Day-To-Day And Gain Freedom In Your Business.


Ready to Unlock The Growth In Your Business?

Then APPLY NOW to our upcoming Deal Flow Accelerator program while enrolment is still open.

Deal Flow Accelerator is a 6-Week intensive sales training program designed specifically for serious business owners that want bigger deals, better clients, higher margins, and confidence in their sales process. Accepted applicants will join our upcoming cohort and learn a highly detailed, proven, end-to-end sales process that has scaled hundreds of other businesses.

Hurry And Apply Now. Limited Spots Remaining In The Next Cohort.

Members Are Accepted By Application Only.

Deal Flow Accelerator is a 6-week sales training program & support system designed for business owners.


In our upcoming cohort, business owners of 6 & 7-figure companies (and sales teams of 8-figure companies) will meet virtually for 2+ hours each Monday for 6 weeks. These sessions will be taught LIVE by Brian Cristiano where he will work with you personally to implement this new, unique sales system into your business.

The goal is by the end of the 6-weeks, you'll have a complete, end-to-end sales system up and running with qualified opportunities flowing into your business. Unlike most businesses that rely too heavily on referrals, inbound, or marketing to drive their sales (resulting in inconsistent deal flow, slow sales cycles, and slow growth) – after implementing this system you will be able to generate new leads, new deals, and new business by taking control of your sales process and in doing so, taking control of your life



  • This is NOT a pre-recorded course – this is a live, weekly, fast-paced, university-style training for business owners...

  • This is NOT a how-to in "cheesy" one-liners to sell used cars – this is real-world proven processes, techniques, and psychology that close deals of all sizes (including Fortune 500 deals)...this is MBA-level training without the 100k price tag...

  • This is NOT theory or regurgitated guru concepts – this is 20 years of success, failures, lessons, and adapted strategy that has built multiple 7 & 8-figure companies boiled into a 6-week process...With hundreds of businesses successfully going through the program...

  • This is NOT a quick fix to all your challenges – growing a business requires real work (regardless of what the gurus say)...This program will give you the tools, frameworks, strategies, insights, and support to increase your sales quickly – but to reap the benefits you will need to put in the work, follow the process and participate...

  • We REALLY do not accept everyone – you must be a business owner of a company with 6 or 7-figures in revenue (or sales team with 8-figures)...and we're not interested in taking your last $5, this is not a solution of last resort, this is for dedicated business owners who are ready to grow, ready to scale, ready to increase sales and unlock the opportunity in their business and their life...Ready?

To maintain the quality of the group - members are accepted by application only.

”Brian and BOLD have brought a tremendous return on investment for our companies and have given us a lot of innovative ideas on how to expand and tell our story."

Alex Rodriguez

World Series Champion & CEO of AROD Corp


Program Schedule:


Unlocking Sales Psychology. You v.s. Them.

Understand the psychological principles that allow you to take control and take command of your sales. We will go deep into your prospect's mindset as well as your own. Because the key to unlocking your sales pipeline and unlocking your fullest potential as a business owner is the 6 inches between your ears.


Welcome to Hell Week...A Game-Changing Sales Experience.

Welcome to Hell Week...the most intense and unique sales/business owner training experience on the planet. This week will test your will, uncover your weaknesses, push you outside of your comfort zone, and make you a better leader. We're going to get hands-on, dig deep, and execute very tactical sales techniques in the real world that will prepare you to unleash all of the tools, frameworks, and processes to come over the next 4 weeks of the program. We will cover lead generation, prospecting, outbound tactics, and other methods to hunt down and find your ideal prospects.


How to Profit From Your Discovery Process. The Wedge.

Most companies give away free assessments, free discovery, and free strategy so prospects give them the opportunity to pitch...this is all wrong and it costs companies MILLIONS in deals. I'm going to show you how to profit off of your current discovery process instead of giving it away for free...in fact, you're going to close more deals faster when you implement my wedge strategy AND be viewed as an authority by your prospects.


Stop Negotiating. Start Closing.

Most business owners severely underestimate the value they bring to their customers. They negotiate on price. They let the prospect control the timeline. And they hurt their ability to grow and scale because of it. In Week 4 I will show you how to stop negotiating and take command using questions that actually position you as an authority allowing you to ask for the close right out of the gate in a way that will have your prospects WANTING to do business with you.


Scale Your Deals. Expand The Wedge & Increase Your Profits.

At this point you will have a new process, have the ability to sell your discovery, your assessments, and your strategy...all while positioning yourself as a confident authority in your industry...you'll be able to get deals on the table faster because of your Wedge, and in Week 5 I will show you how to expand your Wedge and scale your deals. Allowing you to make more revenue per client, and keep your clients longer because of it.


Lead. Train. Delegate. Take Back Control.

Now that we have given you the tools, frameworks, tactics, and techniques you need to accelerate your sales, your growth, and your profits it's time to talk about leadership, training a sales team, and delegating so you can take back control of your business and your life. Week 6 is critical to the success of any business owner. This final week is the real-world business training that you will not find in any MBA course or other online program. At this point, you and the other business owners inside of this cohort have put in the work, learned a new way of selling, and are ready to unleash all of this on the world and inside of your business – we're going to leave you with the mindset and tools to truly step up as the leader you must be in order for your company to become what you know it can be.



Ready for bigger deals, better clients, higher margins, and confidence in your sales process?

We are currently accepting applications for our upcoming cohort.


After You Apply:

After completing your guided application, if it looks like we're a good fit for each other, then we'll give you an opportunity to schedule a 45-minute session with either Brian or one of our sales strategists. 

During our 45-minute session, we will dig into your business and your sales process to give you insights into what it will take to reach your goals. If the program seems like a good fit then we will walk you through the details of the program – including availability, schedule, pricing etc. and answer any questions you may have. 

If we're a good fit, and there is still availability, then we'll get you officially enrolled and jumpstarted. If we're not a good fit, there won't be any hard feelings - what we can promise you though is you will leave the call with clarity and confidence about your next steps.

Ready for the next level?



The Deal Flow Accelerator is one of the best sales programs that I've ever been a part of.

I was able to close around $80,000 worth of contracts during the program because of the way Brian told me to sell. I was able to get my foot in the door with a major utility company that otherwise probably would not be able to get in the door with and also get paid to do an assessment for that same company.”



Founder & CEO of BrandX Worldwide

Brian Shepherd


We were a step away from closing down a business that has been around for 90 years. And I don't think I'm overstating it when I say that the Deal Flow Accelerator gave us what we needed to save our company.

Has the program impacted us? It's changed everything. And I don't know whether it's had a bigger impact on me or on the company, but I would have to say both.

So impact is a light word. It was transformational.



President of Long Life Fleet


We closed 6 new deals in just the first 4 weeks of the program.

The biggest shift is putting more emphasis on what our prospects actually need instead of what they think they need. It has allowed us to take control of the sales process and actually create more trusts with our prospects and clients.

Before the program I lacked confidence in selling. I could do it, but I felt some imposter syndrome. Now I feel confident because I have action steps, I know the potential outcomes, and I know how to play off of those outcomes to grow my business.



Owner of Kmotion Design



The program was far better than I ever expected. The amount of content over seven weeks was unreal – from approaching sales, to how to approach clients, building processes, building wedge offers, et cetera.

Right after that first day was proof that joining the Deal Flow Accelerator was the right thing to do. It gave me a lot more clarity on how I could be very successful in the new launch of my business, because I was presented with a lot of the tool sets.

So I don't even know how you could put a price tag on the value it provided because it's going to be paying dividends for a long time.



CEO of Vista Tech Solutions


“After attending Deal Flow Accelerator, the way that I sell has completely changed because I adopted a new philosophy. The most significant win would be the the ability to close multiple stations at once instead of just one station with a particular airline – and we took that straight to the boardroom and executed on it within 48 hours.

You just need to jump and just start and and work with Brian, because quite frankly, there's not a lot of guys out there that truly know what they're doing.



Senior Consultant at USAID Aviation Services



“This program has altered the way that I sell by not being transactional, and instead being consultative. It’s also made me think much bigger, looking at bigger opportunities, securing larger contracts that we would have thought we were too small to go after.

The deal flow accelerator is nothing but spectacular. From soup to nuts on strategy, building a sales team and scaling out the business.

Brian is one of the best that I have seen. In terms of value, we made back our investment within the first couple weeks of the program.



Director of Business Development at Reveal Marketing Group



Hurry And Apply Now. Limited Spots Available.